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There's only v1 for now.
GET: /v1
Returns a list of vendors
GET: /v1/{vendor}
Returns a list of services of vendor
GET: /v1/{vendor}/{service}
Returns a list of versions of service of vendor
GET: /v1/{vendor}/{service}/{version}
Returns deprecation and publish date of version of service of vendor
GET: /v1/{vendor}/{service}/{version}/{deprecated|published}
Returns either deprecation or publish date of version of service of vendor
Returns {"2018-07-11}


Your API not listed?

Just let us know via or Twitter what vendor, api and version is missing (please add information where the information can be found, if possible).

What and Why

Problem: You use an versioned API like Google Adwords. These APIs have a deprecation date, but you miss it because there's no meta-field in the API that provides you the deprecation date. You miss the deprecation date and your app fails. Your app reputation drops, customers are unhappy. You update in panic and hope that I will work out. And you promise to yourself that it will never happen again.

Solution: provides a single source for deprecation dates for all of your APIs (tell us when your API is missing -

Howto: Check out our examples or write your own pull script based on the documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the push version (email notifications) be available?
Great news, the public beta is now available. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.
How often are deprecation dates updated?
As soon as we get to know a new deprecation date, either via twitter or mail or through our automated process, we will add it to the API and push a message via Twitter.
Your question not here?
Ask us via or Twitter.


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